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Inspiration & Story

I encourage everyone to be their own focus in life, which inspired my dream for my business! Every individual is unique in their own way and it is critical that they concentrate on their innermost beauty to express their own individuality. I loved taking pictures my entire life and I could never take just one. This hobby turned into a passion. I learned, capturing unique memories through a camera lens was the key to my heart! What began as a childhood dream eventually blossomed into a beautiful reality. Who knew what started out as just developing images in a dark room would later expose an endless joy.

Well, Welcome! I am honored and privileged that you decided to stop by and see what all the hype is about it. My name is Brigitte, but most of you know me as Bri. I am a photographer in the DFW Area and I love to capture unique images within their element!

God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve others, do what I love, and allow others to relive memories in their lives through photos. My desire is to provide a personalized experience for every one of my clients, while capturing creative images, exceeding their needs, and just having fun. I want to build a relationship with my clients because the rest will take care of itself!

Brigitte M. Ovid
Photographer & Owner

Some random facts about myself:

I love God, my family, and I am passionate about serving others and being able to make a difference in their lives.

Being the rock of the family, others expect you to have no emotions. But, I beg to differ. I am the second oldest of 9 siblings and I was born in Heidelberg, Germany (Army Brat), but grew up in Lima/Akron, Ohio. I have 9 nephews, 6 nieces, and 5 family pups!

Coffee (White Choc. Mocha Frap. /Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Chi Tea Latte), white chocolate, anything blue, dolphins, and Tiger Lillies are some of the faves. But food in general is wonderful, especially my mother’s chili or Mexican, because I just LOVE food!

Next Steps…

Thank you for considering B_Ur_Focus Photography for your upcoming photography needs! I am grateful that you stopped by my website to see what my vision is all about. Feel free to reach out with any question you may have in regards to pricing, booking, or just to chat about your specific needs! I look forward to serving you and capturing unique memories!


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